Let's flip the senate blue in 2018

Volunteer for Concernative PAC

Our grassroots movement relies on the community to bring efficiency to the ad production process, and to drive greater awareness. We’re accepting volunteers to help with the following initiatives.

Social Media Influencers

Promote our content to your friends and followers


Outreach to your network and relevant organizations

Ad Production

Research and storyboarding for video ads

How Can You Help?

Make A Bigger Difference

Do you want to make a bigger difference but don’t know how? Spending time resisting on social media can be helpful but the impact might not be significant. By joining Concernative PAC as a volunteer, you can have a direct impact on influencing voters in key states. By helping create ads, helping to promote ads or helping to raise funds, you’ll have a direct impact on the volume of ads we can serve to republican and independent voters in key states.